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dijous, de novembre 11, 2004

My best impressions about Barcelona

Hi Graham,

Well, I think this will be my last story on this weblog. I go home next week, so I have only one week left in this city.

Of course I have experienced many things here, but there are a few things which I will definitly remember and tell my friends and family about.
The first thing I really liked about Barcelona is that the city is 24 hours alive. If you go to school at 8, it is so crowded at the metrostation that you can not even walk there, but (it may sound weird I know) I like that. I like to have many people around me. It is nice and real entertainment to watch all those different people down there and also on the street and in a bar or restaurant. The other thing I like is to walk on the Rambla. All day and even at night there are so many people and the atmosphere is very good. Now it clear for me that this is one of the most famous street in the world.

Something I don´t like about the 24 hour culture is that when you go out, before two o´clock there is nobody in a club or disco. In Holland we go out at 11 or 12 and after 12 or 1 it is crowded at many places. It is nice to party till 5 or 6 in the morning for sure, but sometimes you just wanna go out till 3 or something and that is almost impossible (if you want to go dance somewhere) because than you miss the best part of the night.

I am glad that I stayed at a kind of host family, because I had very good food and also typical Spanish food. Of course I was lucky to have such a sweet ¨mum¨and I had a very nice housemate from the USA. I can recommend to stay at such a place if you want to experience the real Catalan/Spanish culture. They always talk very loud, the televisions in our appartment our so loud that all neighbours can hear eachother!

So, this were my experiences, I hope it is enough to get an idea about how I experienced my stay here.

Bye! Inge

dilluns, de novembre 08, 2004


Hey! Inge, you've been truly experiencing life here to the full. It sounds like you've been having a great time.

It was very interesting to read what you have written. The last assignment is to write about what has most impressed you since you have been here. What would you recommend people to do / see / try, and what would you tell them to stay clear of.