divendres, d’octubre 29, 2004


Hi graham,

Last week we went to Valencia by car and it was a great experience. I just want to tell you about it, because I really experienced a great difference between Barcelona and Valencia. We arrived saterday at about two o´clock and all streets were completly empty, there were no people outside!
After four I think it began to be more busy in the streets and at night it was very crowded.
I found it very nice to see that a siesta still exist, because in Barcelona it is crowded 24 hours a day. Matilde (the spanish woman I stay at) told me that now a lot of people in Barcelona take 15 minutes to lay down during lunchtime. Instead of a two hour sleep it is good for business people to relax 15 minutes. She said that after only 15 minutes relaxing you can go back to work and feel like reborn or something.

The other thing I found very nice about Valencia were the people there. They were much more friendly than the people here in Barcelona. I think it is because they are not always in a hurry as the people here in Barcelona.

In only one day I really saw a big difference between Barcelona and Valencia. Like Matilde said Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan city and all people are very hard workers so the atmosphere is completly different than in Valencia.