diumenge, d’octubre 17, 2004

Some places we visited

Last week we went to the Cavaweek you told us about. It was a realy nice village, so different from Barcelona. I loved the environment you see, when you walk from the trainstation to the centre. The atmosphere was very good there, all people were very friendly. We wanted to eat something real, like a sandwich, so we went to the supermarket. But we ate it outside and we drank some pepsi. Immidiatly there were three men who gave us tickets for the Cava! They wanted us to try the Cava and not the Pepsi! What is logical of course!!

So we tryed a few different Cavas, and they were all very good. Not too much, because after two glasses you already feel that it is an alcoholic drink!

We wanted to see the vineyards so we asked for a tour at the information desk. They sent us to a place ten minutes walking from the centre. It was totally quit there and very beautyful! A superfriendly and super weird man gave us a tour through the wine basements(I don´t know the right word for it). It was so funny, because he did all kind of funny things and made a lot of jokes. He knew a lot about his work, he works in the fabric where the wine gets into the bottles and the labelling etc happens.
After the tour he gave us Cava to taste with some tapas! It was a really nice day!

Yesterday we went to the Museu d´historia de la Ciudad. I was impressed about the size of the museum. That so many things are saved for such a long time.
After the museum we went to the Cathedral, were we joined a churchmas(again I don´t know the right word). It was the same as in Holland, only the language was different! But I think it is good to see things like this in another country, then you can image peoples belief is everywhere.

This were a few experiences about my time in Barcelona till now.