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The first assignement

I am not sure if I must write this assignement in my own weblog or in our classweblog, but I thougth is was on this page.

The question was what my expectations about the city Barcelona, the Catalan cultur, the Catalan peole, the school etc were and how I think about it after two weeks.

Well, I have already been to Spain about 12 times before. Only one time we went to Marbella and Fuengirola, but all the other times we went to the Costa Brava and the Costa Daurada. So I´ve been in Catalunya many times. I visit Barcelona twice, but only for a day, so I knew something about the city already, but not so much.
The reason I wanted to go to Barcelona for a semester is that I really like the typical culture in this part of Spain. People are much more relaxed and they are often outside.
Barcelona is a great city and that attracts me a lot. I like the old part, but also the new port olympic. I think it is very good that they spent a lot of money to clean the beaches, because the city is so nice and with her beaches it is really a fantastic place.

The weather is also something I really like about Barcelona. I am more happy when I can go to a parc to relax, or doing your homework on the beach.

I live at a Spanish woman (her name is Matilde), nearby the Sagrada Familia. For me it is difficult because I didn´t have any spanish lessons before I came to Barcelona. But Tuesday my Spanish course at International House will start and I hope that I learn to speak good Spanish fast. I think I will, because at my place I have to. Matilde doesn´t speak English at all! After one week I understood what she was talking about and everyday it is going better.
One thing that is totally different from Holland is dinner time. We usually eat at half past 7 or 7 o´clock, but at my place we eat at 9 o´clock. She cooks very good. And most of it is also typical Spanish or Catalan. I like the gamba´s the most, but the rest is also very good. It is easy for me that I don´t have to search for the real Catalan restaurants, I´ve got my own restaurant!!

Football is very important in Barcelona, so I want to go to a match to feel the atmosphere there.
My roommate is from Switzerland and she went there. She said it was not like she expected, that the people were more quiet. So I want to discover that myself.

After two weeks in Barcelona I can say that it is a very great city and her people are very friendly. But you must speak (or try to speak) Spanish, otherwise they aren´t that friendly sometimes. When I try to speak it, they are really helpfull and they try to understand me. I like that, because you feel comfortable.

The first time I saw the school I was impressed, it looks like a palace! The teachers are very nice and also the class. In the beginning I didn´t like it that there were so manydutch people, but now I know most of my classmates, it is okay!

I think I can write a lot of my experiences on this page next time!
And I am looking forward to meet more Spanish people during the courses! Adios


Blogger Graham said...

Inge, you've obviosuly had a lot of time to get to know the country, ahving been here 12 times, although it's a totally different experience coming here as a tourist and coming here to live for an extended period of time. Tell me about it! I never thought I'd be here so long (ten years now!)

Who is your Spanish teacher at IH? Maybe I know him/her. This was the first place I studied Spanish, and I used to work there.

It's obvious that you are in an interesting environment at home and can probably come into contact with a lot of Spanish people. I hope you have a great time while you are here.


11 d’octubre de 2004 a les 21:53  
Blogger Inge Schrauwen said...

My teacher at International House is Merce, and last week we had Maria, because Merce was ill. Thank you for your comment and I am sure I will enjoy my stay here.

17 d’octubre de 2004 a les 15:49  

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