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Catalan culture

As I told before, I live at a spanish woman, so she tells us a lot about the way of thinking. I don´t speak spanish, so it is difficult to talk with her, but it´s getting better everyday.
Last week I asked her about her opinion about the independency of Catalunya and if she feels Catalan of Castillan.
She told me that she feels Spanish, but that was not always like that. She has really strong feelings about Franco. The expression on her face when she talks about him is enough to see how it was to live here in Barcelona during his dictatorship.
After he died, she told me, the first years were very difficult, because all the catalan people did not know what to do. They were happy, but she couldn´t believe that it was over. For me it is hard to write this down, because I cannot describe the way she talks about it. But the first years after franco died, she said, she could not hear the spanish song, because of the feeling from the past. But now, after all those years she feels affection when she hears the song.

About the independency of Catalunya, she is very clear. She thinks it is not a good idea. She said that Catalunya is one of the richest areas of whole Spain. The catalan people have to give a lot of their earnings to the government in Madrid. And she thinks that it not fair. Therefore a lot of catalan people want to be independent. But for her it is not necersarry, she only wants that the catalan people get more freedom, and that Madrid is no longer the main city in Spain, because she thinks that without the money from Catalunya, Madrid not so strong was as it is now.

I hope I made her opinion clear, though it was very difficult.


Blogger Graham said...

Perfectly clear, Inge. I found your summary of what your landlady said particularly interesting. It's very interesting to hear what the older generation say about this period. As you said, it's hard to transmit, but you can feel that it was a difficult period of her life. A lot of times, I have seen that people don't want to relive this time by talking about it, which is a healthy attitude in some ways. They prefer to get on with their lives and live in the present rather than think back to the past, especially if that past was a less than pleasant time.

I'll be reading with interest about your chats with your landlady, as I'm sure she'll come out with some interesting things as you get to know her better (and your Spanish gets better!)


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